Authentication Certificates and Instruments


To issue an authentication certificate implies that the reason or the person granting it is identified by one of the following valid identification documents: identity card, citizen card or driving license issued by one of the EU countries: (or similar, military or diplomatic), passport, residence permit, Brazilian identification document mentioning the holder’s nationality and referring to the Friendship Agreement Portugal Brazil, Angolan, Cape Verdean, Guinean or São Tome identity card.

Whenever a person does not hold one of these documents, he/she can be identified by two witnesses who have one of the above mentioned valid documents.

If one person is not mentally fit, does not understand the Portuguese language, does not know or cannot sign, the not emancipated minors, the death, dumbs and blinds, those working in the notary’s office, the spouse, the great-great-parents, the great parents, the parents, the children, the grand-children, the grand-grand-children, the brothers, the sisters, the brothers and sisters in law of the notary issuing the act, of the applicants, their representatives or represented, both husband and wife and anyone who, due to the act has acquired a patrimonial advantage, cannot be a witness.



Authentication certificates.

When the act is not legally implied as a public deed, the parties can authenticate the document, attesting its contents before the notary.

The private authenticated document is an executive title.

If the person who whishes his / her signature to be authenticated does not know or cannot sign he /she must present himself / herself with another person who will sign the document on his / her behalf.

The officers in the notary’s office by delegation of competences can sign authentication certificates.


All documents which are not legally implied as public deeds can be issued by instrument.

A notary can receive the honorability declaration and the one attesting the non-bankruptcy in the form of instruments, to fulfill the establishment freedom requests or services in the community judicial order.

Instruments are the only and exclusive competence of the notary.

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