Carla Cristina Soares was born in Angola in 1964 and she has graduated in Law in 1987 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. She worked as a lawyer, a teacher and an adviser between 1987 and 1995 and in 1996 she began working in the notary.
On 15th March 2005, she started working as a liberal professional, she was the President of the Portuguese Order of Notaries and she has published many books.
During her lifetime, she had a lot of different experiences in the rural and urban areas, dealing with different economic realities and working with different people.
She speaks fluent French, English and Spanish.

She is known by her care, commitment and accuracy.

With a very solid training and experience, the notary can give advice, looking for the best solution according to each situation and she always takes in consideration your familiar, economic and fiscal context. Sometimes, whenever possible and secure, she can even innovate.

The notary has the duty to fully respect her deontological principles, such as:

All documents must respect the legal rules established and express the interests of those who are involved.


Related to the government or to some personal interest.


Maintaining equidistance concerning interests which may conflict one with another and abstaining from advising just one of the parts in a business.


The notary must not have any other public or private remunerated function.


Each person must be free to choose the notary according to his/ her will.

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