Reproduction of documents.

The notary’s officers have been delegated fully competence to sign acts and authenticated copies.



Complete or partial reproductions taken from original documents kept in the notary’s office acting as originals can be requested by anyone, except those which are related to testaments of a person still alive.

Authenticated copies

Complete or partial reproductions taken from original documents presented, but not kept in the notary’s office acting as originals if the part against who they are presented does not demand that original. You can always ask for the document to be filed and then an act will be made.
An authenticated copy of an identification document can be done if that document is still valid and in good condition.
We can make authenticated copies of a document written in English, French and Spanish without being translated.
The Documento Único Automóvel cannot be replaced by an authenticated copy.

Transmission and reception of documents


Transmission and reception of documents on file for any other public services, in Portugal or abroad (Portuguese consulates), by fax, certified and acting as original documents.
This service allows documents to be received almost immediately anywhere, as if they were original documents.
In case a document is not on file, it can be filed after its transmission.

Find here the Portuguese consulates in the world

Documents on file

Data processing

We process all data for the documents on file for further research.

Documents filed on the applicant’s request

On the applicant’s request we may file all documents in paper or digital format.

Documents filed on legal demand

The notary freely files on legal demand, public testaments, closed deposit or opened testaments, public deeds and related documents filed, documents used to make endorsements, societies’ minutes the notary has issued, the so-called “irrevocable” power of attorneys, ratification instruments, documents transmitted or received by telecopy and any documents to support registration on-line requests.

Gathering documents

To make it easier to citizens and enterprises, the notary requests and issues documents to execute notarial acts in her office, in some portals such as:

  • Civil, real estate and commercial acts;
  • Notarial acts certificates made by other notary’s offices or already deposit in Torre do Tombo;
  • Property registration documents (fiscal identification document of the building);
  • Payment receipts of the Municipality Tax over the Property Onerous Transmissions and the Duty Stamp;
  • Publishing the elements of the projected transmission contract to the public entities to execute the preference right;
  • Admission of a name certificate to become a legal person, to change the name, to change the headquarters to another council or to change the object;
  • Inscription of entities not subjected to commercial registration in the Ficheiro Central de Pessoas Coletivas, such as associations, foundations and foreign societies practicing an isolated act;
  • Publishing acts related to legal people’ s life not subjected to commercial registration.

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